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Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • Calgary Pilot Supply Donates $500 to Pilots & Paws Canada!

    We're glad to support Pilots And Paws Canada, animal rescue organization with a donation of $500. This makes Christmas shopping easy and helps save the pets! A big thank you to all the Pilots N' Paws volunteers.

    Maule M7-235 Orion


  • A few more pics from the Pima Air Museum! More to come...

    Here are a few more photos from the Pima Air museum. You can get up close to most of these historic aircraft.

    C46 Massive cargo door C46 Massive cargo door

    F4 Phamtom Pima Air Museum F4 Phantom Pima Air Museum

    Nose Art Pima Air museum Nose Art Pima Air museum

    Wonderful historical aircraft on display everywhere Wonderful historical aircraft on display everywhere



  • A view from the Pima Air Museum Tucson Arizona

    Here are a few photos from the fabulous Pima Air Museum located in Tucson Arizona. Well worth the visit!

    1-A blown cylinder ! 2-Bumble Bee range 20 miles.. 3-C46 (HUGE!), 4,5,6 Constellation, Connie, Connie, and 8-Martin Mariner 9-B29 Super Fortress?

    blown jug photo courstesy www.pilotshop.ca 2 bumble bee sml C46 sml Constellation engine sml constellation sml Constellation TWA sml Mariner sml Pima Air Museum B29 sml


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  • New! Notes on the Tailwheel Checkout and an Introduction to Ski Flying book

    Notes On The Tailwheel Checkout and Ski Flying

    Notes on the Tailwheel Checkout and an Introduction to Ski Flying book

    In the northern latitudes, many pilots fly a tailwheel in the summer and then put the same airplane on skis in the winter… an initial tailwheel checkout is often followed up with a ski checkout. Author Burke Mees keeps to that sequence of events in this book, which covers the basics for both checkouts along with valuable commentary on the finer points.

    Notes on the Tailwheel Checkout and an Introduction to Ski Flying is meant to be useful not only to the beginner first making this transition, but also to provide relevant observations to the pilot or instructor already flying these kinds of airplanes. The author’s clear explanations have proven effective with students and are distilled from two decades of experience in flying and flight instructing in tailwheel airplanes and skiplanes.

    In addition to an orderly presentation of all the basic topics required to develop tailwheel/ski competence, Mees also covers advanced topics such as flying multi-engine tailwheel airplanes and ski-flying on glaciers. But rather than simply explain the list of topics, this book anticipates and preemptively addresses questions and difficulties experienced by the average student. Here readers will find insights about the learning process that will help prepare them for flight training in these airplanes.

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