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  • New! Notes on the Tailwheel Checkout and an Introduction to Ski Flying book

    Notes On The Tailwheel Checkout and Ski Flying

    Notes on the Tailwheel Checkout and an Introduction to Ski Flying book

    In the northern latitudes, many pilots fly a tailwheel in the summer and then put the same airplane on skis in the winter… an initial tailwheel checkout is often followed up with a ski checkout. Author Burke Mees keeps to that sequence of events in this book, which covers the basics for both checkouts along with valuable commentary on the finer points.

    Notes on the Tailwheel Checkout and an Introduction to Ski Flying is meant to be useful not only to the beginner first making this transition, but also to provide relevant observations to the pilot or instructor already flying these kinds of airplanes. The author’s clear explanations have proven effective with students and are distilled from two decades of experience in flying and flight instructing in tailwheel airplanes and skiplanes.

    In addition to an orderly presentation of all the basic topics required to develop tailwheel/ski competence, Mees also covers advanced topics such as flying multi-engine tailwheel airplanes and ski-flying on glaciers. But rather than simply explain the list of topics, this book anticipates and preemptively addresses questions and difficulties experienced by the average student. Here readers will find insights about the learning process that will help prepare them for flight training in these airplanes.

  • Another Aviation Pic from my collection

    One of my favorite pass-times. Aerial photography, combine flying, a safety pilot and a camera and anyone can get amazing results. This image was taken by my back seat passenger while turning final at Nelson BC. A great place for lunch!

    Seminole Nelson BC
  • Our Community Forums are now fully functional !

    After many hours of work, the Calgary Pilot Supply aviation community forums are fully functional. Post your aircraft for sale, help wanted or employment wanted posts, aviation photos, flight sharing opportunities of flying partner wanted ad and more. Visit and post today !

  • Pilot Licence Document Booklet Expiry

    Just mailed in my Canadian Pilot Licence document booklet renewal to Transport Canada. They expire! Don't forget to renew yours!

  • Some Maule photos & a Video to enjoy !

    Maule M7 in the Okanagan BCMaule M7-235 Orion

    In flight photo flying a Maule M7-235, a great performer and fun to fly. In flight photo flying a Maule M7-235, a great performer and fun to fly. Below is a video of yours truly doing a touch and go in this maule. Turn the resolution up as high as it will go in the youtube player..





  • Forum & New products

    Thursday morning, we're still working on fine tuning the Forum sections, please check back soon ! New product images uploaded for Lightspeed Zulu2 and Zulu PFX ! New Culhane Pilot log book added New Culhane AME log book added New Streamlight flashlights added Recent new products Dual Eyewear reader sunglasses (Excellent!) Wondergel Seat cushions, (Amazing) All 2015 Culhane training manuals now available!

    Harvard Take-Off Mike Beaulieu sml
  • Ever sat in the cockpit of the Spruce Goose?

    For a small fee I got to climb aboard Howard Hughes's Spruce Goose at the Evegreen Aviation Museum at McMinnville Oregon. What a great experience. Paid a small fee to get into the flight deck and have my photo taken in Howard's Pilot seat. A must do for all pilots and aviation enthusiasts! Here's the web link http://evergreenmuseum.org/

    Hope you can make it there sometime.


    Spruce Goose Door Spruce Goose flight deck ml Spruce Goose front sml


  • Calgary Pilot Supply's new website & community Forum

    We're working on the all new, well overdue Calgary Pilot Supply website and community Forum !

    It's going very well, working out the last minute bugs and fixes, adding more product and images and will be up and running soon ! Amazing new features. Blog and news, community Forum and more.

    Mike Beaulieu,
    President, Calgary Pilot Supply Ltd.

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