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Wondergel Seat Cushions

Our Technology

Column-Buckling Gel Technology :

WonderGel, LLC has the exclusive rights to market seat cushions made with the patented Column-Buckling Gel technology.

Column Buckling Gel is a cushioning surface that enables pressure redistribution and equalization through a pressure 'threshold' technology comprising hollow columns in a unique elastic gel. This patented column-buckling gel technology has been used for over 15 years in therapeutic care of advanced critical care hospital patients. After it was clinically shown to heal pressure sores, this Column-Buckling Gel technology has been used in Intensive Care Units, Burn Centers and Critical Care Units in the best hospitals all around the world.

Nothing cushions like WonderGel because the further you push into other cushions, the harder they push back. Because of its pressure threshold technology, WonderGel cushions 'know' where to stand firm and where to give way in order to eliminate pressure hot spots and at the same time provide support and alignment to the body.

Why WonderGel Works Better

All other cushioning technologies (such as a foam or memory foam cushions) follow the same basic laws of pressure; the deeper the bony parts of your body push into a cushion, the harder that cushion pushes back. You end up with pressure hot spots there, and lack of support and alignment on the rest of your body. These pressure hot spots mean blood flow is cut off, causing discomfort or even pain. That means you can't sit as long or focus on your work or driving as you can with WonderGel.

The 'holy grail' for generations of cushioning experts has been to find a reliable technology that could reverse this unpleasant pressure scenario, providing cradling relief for your bony prominences and firm, comfortable support for your broader surfaces. Medical researchers call this "pressure equalization".

When column-buckling gel technology first provided real pressure equalization, the medical community embraced it as the technological miracle that it is: a much-needed therapeutic option for burn victims, coma patients, geriatric patients, paraplegics - anyone bed-ridden or in a wheelchair for long periods of time, making them prone to problems such as pressure ulcers (bed sores) and blood clots.

How it feels:

Wonderful! No need for a technical explanation here . . . it is amazingly comfortable.

How it works ?

WonderGel® is made from hollow columns of a very special gel called Gelastic®, a patented ultra-soft, ultra-strong, solid rubber-like material. These columns come together to form one of nature's strongest, most effective patterns, similar to a honeycomb. Each column wall is shared by adjoining columns, which work together to give you the right support and pressure relief.

This honeycomb of WonderGel® columns provides hundreds of relief points, each relief point (column) being cleverly engineered to support a certain amount of weight. When the load gets too heavy under a bony part of your body, the column simply gets out of the way; it buckles to cradle that heavy spot, eliminating a potential pressure-point. It won't spring back until the weight goes away. Then the load that would have been carried by that column is shared by the surrounding columns, effectively redistributing and equalizing the pressure. It redistributes the pressure to the broader, more fleshy parts of your body, where there is not enough pressure to require columns to buckle, so the relief point stands firm and provides support. Each column is engineered to the human comfort threshold, adjusting itself to your individual needs no matter your weight or body shape.


The Invention of WonderGel:

In 1995, a team of U.S. inventors created and patented the first hollow-column buckling gel cushions with engineered pressure thresholds, and immediately applied the technology to the most urgent need: cushioning for medical patients. Since then they have worked non-stop to bring the same pressure relief, spinal alignment, and back support to the rest of us. And they've done it. Not only is it the most comfortable, but it's also one of the longest lasting cushioning surfaces, it is completely non-toxic, environmentally friendly, breathable, and won't make you feel hot.

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