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Flight Sharing - Western Canada

Looking to fly with experienced pilot. I am a novice with my own Cessna 150 and my PPL and would like to fly with someone who has more experience than I do, especially into controlled A/S. I would prefer to fly with someone who has CPL rating or better and is flying at least 50 hrs per/yr. If you are interested, I am paying for all the costs, plane/fuel etc. If you are needing some hours to stay current or just want to fly somewhere for fun with someone but can't afford a plane rental etc, maybe this will interest you as it' a good deal in both direction in my opinion. Thanks.

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Hi Micheal

I am a commercial pilot with multi IFR rating. With a PPC on a king air 200 as a first officer. I would like to build night cross country time. If your interested in chatting further. Please email me back at dmarkson83@gmail.com thanks


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